Excessive Workload

Nowadays everyone have stress in life. There is long list of work. Sometimes we accomplish and sometimes not. When that sometimes happens, it’s only because of negative frame of mind.

One doesn’t gets tired because of workload, we get tired because of our negative frame of mind.

Reason can be anything. For eg:

1) My colleague is not supportive, i have to work more because of him. Why should I do.? We utilise all our energy thinking bad about the person, rather we should utilise our energy to completing the task.

2) Laziness.. We waste our time because of lethargy behaviour. Calculating time required to complete the work in our mind. Then, automatically you will have the urge to complete it.

3) Advance Planning. Plan your work. If we categorised, multi task, assign someone (if required), our work will be completed very soon.

4) Reward Yourself. Everyone has inner kid within ourselves. We need to make him happy. You know what no one can keep ourselves happy except ourselves. Do it..

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