Excessive Workload

Nowadays everyone have stress in life. There is long list of work. Sometimes we accomplish and sometimes not. When that sometimes happens, it’s only because of negative frame of mind.

One doesn’t gets tired because of workload, we get tired because of our negative frame of mind.

Reason can be anything. For eg:

1) My colleague is not supportive, i have to work more because of him. Why should I do.? We utilise all our energy thinking bad about the person, rather we should utilise our energy to completing the task.

2) Laziness.. We waste our time because of lethargy behaviour. Calculating time required to complete the work in our mind. Then, automatically you will have the urge to complete it.

3) Advance Planning. Plan your work. If we categorised, multi task, assign someone (if required), our work will be completed very soon.

4) Reward Yourself. Everyone has inner kid within ourselves. We need to make him happy. You know what no one can keep ourselves happy except ourselves. Do it..

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#2 Inspirational

This is a story of about two dogs. Both seperately walked into same room. One came out wagging its tail while the other one came growling. A women saw the dogs coming out and was curious to know why the dogs are having different reactions. To her surprise she found a room filled with mirrors. The happy dog found thousand happy dogs smiling at him where as the growling dog found thousand unhappy dogs growling at him. What you see in the world around you is a reflection of who you are.

#1 Inspirational

A successful women was asked to share her secret of success. She smiled and said “I started succeeding when I started leaving small fights for small fighters. I stopped fighting for those who gossiped about me. I stopped fighting with my in-laws. I stopped fighting for attention. I stopped fighting to meet public expectation of me. I stopped fighting for my rights with stupid people. I left fights for those who have nothing else to fight. And I started fighting for my vision, my dreams, my ideas and my destiny. The day I gave up on my all fights, I started become successful. Some fights are not worth our time.”

Value of Appreciation

In today’s world, people cannot see each other climbing stairs of success. Every one is trying to pull other’s leg down. Some gets jealous and some cannot appreciate others.

Rather than using their energy to get better than the other,they are using their energy to think of strategies to let other one down.

They forget, that a day would come when they want to be appreciated, but they won’t be. There is a simple logic, what we give, we will be reciprocated.

Its very important to get happy with others success. It is a waste of time, if we are cluttering our brain with negative thoughts.

By appreciating others we are likely to create those thoughts for us also.

We should make sure to appreciate 3 people every day. So that after 21 days, it becomes our habit. It doesn’t matter who you are appreciating wife, mother, children, employee, maid, etc. Appreciate them, and you can feel the magic in your life too.

Key to Happy Marriage

Marriages are made in heaven. The two people get married to live their life together. They give birth to the children and raise them together, which in return makes their bloodline to follow. In a marriage, a girl leaves her parents home and move to a man’s house. She has to start living as per rules and regulations of the new home.. In return to this the boy copes up with her daily necessities and take care of her self respect. So together they have to take care of each other.

In marriage, not only the life of a woman changes , but also of a man. They both are required to make necessary adjustments in order to live a happy and satisfied life..

1) Appreciate

Whenever any one of the partner does something special for another, the other partner needs to appreciate it. It’s important to recognise their efforts.

2) Taking Part in an activity together.

We should do some physical activity together, so that we can spend time as well as recognise each other potential.

3) Have a social life apart from each other.

It’s amazing to be together always, but we should be engaged in work ( if not a housewife) or join an organisation. So that our potential will be recognised.

4) Give Surprises to each other.

Although being busy in individual lives. Couples should give each other surprises. It’s very important in a relationship to make each other feel special.

5) Respecting each other relationship

We need to understand each other relationship priorities. Some people will have more importance in our partners life, no matter we like or dislike those person. So, we need to accept the fact.

Managing Home and Work together post Marriage.

Being a woman, it’s our primary responsibility to manage home. We are destined to do cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. Then comes our secondary objective to earn money & work for our passion..
In Indian society, after marriage a girl has to take care of everyone. She is bounded by society norms to handle household responsibility. But if she manages things systematically she can focus on her passion too.

1) To know needs & wants of the family member . So that she can record them timely & use the rest of the time to create her own space.

2) To show other family members, how will they be benefited, if you work. Everyone needs benefit nowadays. So by encasing benefits to them, we can receive support.

3) Measures to be taken for not getting tired. If we want to do something for our passion, we must have more energy to complete other as well as our work too.

4) No expectations from others.
To expect from other family members that they would help us, if we are doing something for our passion. I won’t appreciate this statement. It hurts when people don’t support us. So, one shouldn’t expect anything from anyone.

5) Enjoy what you do. If you are managing responsibility of both home and career, you should do work which makes you happy. So that you won’t be overly stressed.

How to handle Mountain of Responsibilities after Marriage in Indian Society.?

The period of being spinster is very different from married period. When we are single, there is no responsibility of family apart from our personal responsibility. For example, career, appearance, competition among friends.. But we get married things change, we don’t have to manage ourselves but each and every person of our new family. So suddenly we have tremendous pressure on ourselves.

Some steps to manage responsibilities especially in joint family.:-
1) Understand rules and regulations of your new home.
When we used to live in our parents house there were certain rules and regulations we have to follow. We used to follow it. I just want my Queens to understand when you can follow the rules at your parents house, then definitely you can follow them at your husband’s house too. Just leave your before thought process in your previous home. Start afresh life, & make your mind accept the new set of rules.

2) Try to understand each and every member in your in-laws. house.
My mom always used to say me, after getting married you have to love the family members as well as every thing of your husband house. So understand them, their likes and dislikes, their requirements, everything. I can guarantee you, if you take the initiative, there will be one day when they would be more concerned than you for your requirements, choices,etc.

3) Adjustment of everyone
Being an outsider to the house, affects you as well as other members of the family. It’s not we who make the adjustments but others too. So everyone should be cooperative.

4) Smiling face always
A person with a smiling face is welcomed by all. A joyous person spreads happiness everywhere. No matter how much angry is someone, forgets negative things.

5) Do not discuss everything with husband, personal relations will be affected. Be practical and analyse situation, you have manage your parents before, so you can manage your in laws too. Time and care is the key to happiness between relationships